Rev. Deirdre Wadding

Rev. Deirdre Wadding  –  Wexford  –  Legal Solemniser of Marriage

10896861_10153114936634726_561765456274159809_nDeirdre is a Celtic Shamanic Priestess and an ordained Priestess-Hierophant of the Fellowship of Isis. She is deeply drawn to mythology, where the seeds of her current spiritual path were sown. The primary spiritual connection for Deirdre is the Land Herself. Her first exploration of Paganism was in a Wiccan coven in 1984. This opened up a world of learning, understanding and the first steps on a very long road. Although ordained into Traditional Craft in 2004, another strand of Paganism called. In 1988, Deirdre first visited Huntingdon Castle and met Lady Olivia Robertson. Deirdre was at that time attending a Fellowship of Isis Iseum in Sandymount Dublin. It was to be 16 years later when Deirdre was ordained by Lady Olivia, dedicated to the Goddess Arianrhod. Parallel with the study of ceremonial Temple Priesthood, Deirdre pursued her love of the Land through her training and practice in Celtic Shamanism with Cait Branigan and Caitlín Matthews. This connection to the Goddess and the Land flows through all that Deirdre does, her work with People before Profit and since May 2014 as a Co. Councillor in Wexford, apparently the first openly Pagan public representative.

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