Rev. Kristian

Rev. Kristian  –  Dublin  –  GRO Nominator & Legal Solemniser of Marriage

10846101_10206411491434677_2015808782675569262_nKristian is a 3º Wiccan High Priest, Elder of four Craft traditions, and is registered by the Office of the General Register (GRO) as a legal Solemniser of marriage in Ireland.

He holds a B.A.(Hons) in World Religions, Theology and Sociology from the Confederal School of Religions, Peace Studies, and Theology located at Trinity College, Dublin, and is a member of the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions (ISASR).

As a Craft teacher, Kristian facilitates those wishing to learn about Pagan spirituality and, through Temenos ta Carmán, he provides a safe and sacred space for Men Loving Men to nourish their spiritual wellbeing. The Minoan Brotherhood is the only tradition in Ireland solely dedicated to Queer spirituality.

To the public Kristian offers ceremonies to mark a variety of rites of passage in life. The marriage of two partners is celebrated through Handfasting, a ceremony Kristian offers to all couples regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Based on Celtic tradition these tailored ceremonies enable couples to declare their union which is symbolised by the gentle binding of hands.

Like his Pagan Life Rites peers, Kristian offers State recognised Handfastings to all couples seeking a wedding ceremony with a spiritual element that is more aligned to an Earth based belief system. Handfasting is the term for the traditional religious wedding rite which is a continuation of Ireland’s indigenous practice as recognised in Brehon law.

You do not need to identify specifically as Pagan to avail of a Handfasting. Such a ceremony may suit if you feel at peace in nature, notice the cycle of the year and feel a sense of wonder and awe in the majesty of the Earth. If you desire a ritual to mark your special day with reference to these moments a Handfasting may resonate with you. Ceremonies may be tailored to suit the needs of couples.

Handfasting ceremonies may be availed of by:

i) couples who wish for their union to be recognised by the State; a spiritual ceremony including the required legal element. Standard legal preliminaries apply.

ii) couples who do not wish for their union to be recognised by the State; a spiritual ceremony only, without the legal element.

iii) couples seeking to renew previous vows; a spiritual ceremony only.

For further information, please see Temenos ta Carmán and