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11817163_1030160600347498_8615397477700211893_nThe concept for Pagan Life Rites began to be developed in 2012, given that there was no organisation offering a comprehensive list of Priests and Priestesses covering the island of Ireland for those seeking spiritual services from a Pagan perspective.

In light of this, a collective of Priests and Priestesses came together to form Pagan Life Rites. This collective comprises a group of people who have not only been running their own covens or groves, but also have been serving their communities in a variety of ways. By providing Moots as contact points, facilitating open rituals for celebrations, providing workshops and training, and hosting other educational events, people have been able to come together to learn more about their own personal spiritual practice and honour our indigenous traditions.

Pagan Life Rites understands that many Pagans outside of covens, groves, orders etc. will have their own personal spiritual practice through which they celebrate their union with the Divine in their own way. For some this may mean they are isolated or without any direct point of contact when needing to celebrate meaningful points in the passage of their lives such as, naming a child, getting Handfasted (married) or to organise a funerary or requiem rite.

Pagan Life Rites serves to meet these needs and offer support to the Pagan community throughout Ireland by providing:

  • A list of Clergy to facilitate Rites of Life, including those who are registered with the General Register Office as legal marriage solemnisers.
  • An open space where people can gather to celebrate the Wheel of the Year together regardless of your path.
  • A good communication network that, on request, can inform people about Events around the country. Our Facebook page advertises events around the country and if you would like to enquire about events near you, please either contact us via that or via email.
  • Hospital Chaplaincy services. If you require chaplaincy services, you may request them at the hospital to which you have been admitted and they will contact us, or you may contact us directly by email, and one of our clergy will be in touch.

Find out how easy it is to become a member by clicking on the Membership page.

For information on the ethos of Pagan Life Rites please see the Principles page.