Rev. Anna Coote - Pagan Life Rites

Rev. Anna Coote

Rev. Anna Coote  –  Westmeath – Legal Solemniser of Marriage


Originally from Wexford, Anna has the sea in her soul but she has been living in the HEART of Ireland- the Wild Midlands- since 2013!

She is a fully qualified and professional Counsellor / Psychotherapist as well as a qualified and experienced Irish Shamanic Therapist or ‘Bean Feasa’ of the (Irish) Celtic tradition.

A Legal Celebrant with over 10 years experience in her field, Anna is passionate about; her family, trees, equality, the natural world, promoting mental health and empowering people to find their own wisdom and healing within themselves.

Anna is a fully ordained Priest of the Fellowship of Isis, Clergy member of Pagan Life Rites, member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) and Kilkenny Druid Grove.

She currently works part-time and has been co-running a small outdoor festival/gathering for all those with an interest in Irish/Celtic Spirituality since 2010 called ÉIGSE SPIORAD CHEILTEACH.

She draws her influences from; nature, the moon, indigenous spiritual and Druidic practice, the amazing people and teachers she has been fortunate to encounter throughout her life and her personal experiences- which partly comes from living an alternative lifestyle with a large extended family, travelling with horses and living in wagons, immersed in green wildlife, freedom and dirt!

Anna can provide intimate and personally written ceremonies for your special day, working with you to make it a day you and your family/friends will always remember!

She offers a range of services to the Pagan and Spiritual community of Ireland regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious practice or gender.

Most ceremonies are held outside in beautiful natural setting of your choosing.