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There are a number of regular events held around the country by Pagan Life Rites and several others that are supported by Pagan Life Rites.

 Rituals Facilitated by Pagan Life Rites Clergy Open to all Members of Pagan Life Rites

Our clergy hold a number of rituals at different locations around the country to celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year. We generally advertise these as an event on our Facebook page.

We have a few pointers below to make the attendance at our rituals a more pleasant experience for you and for the others who are attending it.

  • When attending any of our public rituals all we ask you to bring is an open heart, an open mind and food and drink to share with others attending. If you are making your own food to share, please list the ingredients so that people with allergies, celiac disease, food intolerances or any other special dietary needs will be aware of what’s in it.
  • If you are attending a ritual in a hired space we would appreciate a donation towards the room hire. We suggest a €5 donation, but this is not mandatory, so if you cannot afford it, please don’t stay away, come and join us anyway.
  • We always appreciate people actively participating in our rituals, so if you would like to volunteer to take a part in any of these rituals, then please ask the clergy member facilitating the ritual and they will be delighted to include you.


Moots around Ireland. 

What is a moot? A moot is a meet up for Pagans, which is usually held once a month. Each moot will vary in structure, but most will include talks or activities for the local Pagan communities. Some of them meet in pubs, others in hired venues, others in different sites. Everyone with an interest in Paganism is welcome to attend their local moot.

As an organisation, Pagan Life Rites does not run local moots. However, many of our clergy do run moots, and Pagan Life Rites supports many local moots around Ireland. Below is a listing of moots supported by and recommended by Pagan Life Rites.

Belfast Pagan Moot

Cork Pagan Moot

Dublin Pub Moot

Midlands Moot

Tipperary Moot

Waterford Pub Moot

PaganMoot Wexford


Other Events

Pagan Life Rites is always glad to share your event on our Facebook page, if you have an upcoming event and would like us to showcase it on our page, then please contact us by email, describing your event and including a link to it, and we will gladly include it, if we consider that it is relevant to members of Pagan Life Rites and the Pagan community generally.