Welcome to Pagan Life Rites Ireland

We are a non-profit organisation, operated by a nationwide network of Priests and Priestesses, which offers a range of services to the greater Pagan community of Ireland.


These services include:

    • Naming and Welcoming Rituals
    • Coming of Age Rituals
    • Handfasting (Marriage) Rituals
      • State Registered (legal)
      • Unregistered
    • Handfasting/ Marriage Vow Renewal
    • Separation Rituals
    • Croning Rituals
    • Funerary Rituals
    • Counselling services (to be launched later this year)
    • Chaplaincy services (to be launched later this year)
    • Courses and training offered within the various traditions of our clergy members
    • Events hosted for the community e.g. Moots, gatherings, festivals, open rituals celebrating the Sabbats and Wheel of the Year, as well as other general events that may be of interest.

We will offer our services to the public regardless of practice, race, gender or sexual orientation.

With regards to membership the criteria are:

    • That applicants are 18 years old or more;
    • That all applicants spiritually identify as Pagan (Pagan Life Rites Ireland understands this as a broad label encompassing diverse strands of unique and indigenous traditions of various emphases);
    • That all applicants have a respect and love for the Land and a belief that the Earth is sacred.