FAQs - Pagan Life Rites


If you have a question or a query about Pagan Life Rites, Paganism generally, or would like an idea of the types of ceremonies our Clergy provide please feel free to Contact us.

What is a Pagan?

There are many definitions of this word. Generally speaking, Paganism refers to a number of spiritual paths that are Earth centred. These paths often revere the deities, symbols, practices, seasonal days of celebration and other surviving components of ancient religions, which have been long suppressed. The term Pagan can include, but is not limited to, practices and faiths such as Druidry, Shamanism, Wicca, Witchcraft and Celtic spirituality.

What is a Moot?

The word “moot” derives from the Viking word for meeting, and a Moot is a regular meeting, open to Pagans and practitioners of magic and earth based spirituality. There are several Moots around the country, some of which are run by Pagan Life Rites clergy, others which are not. However, all are welcoming and a place where people who are solitary or practicing in small groups, can get together and get to know each other better, thus creating a spiritual community support structure.

What is a Handfasting?

A Handfasting is a commitment or marriage ceremony based on traditional Celtic rituals. The term comes from the segment in the ceremony where the couple’s hands are symbolically tied together to represent their commitment to one another.

Handfastings have become the most commonly used commitment ceremony in Nature based religions such as Paganism, but are open to anyone with a spiritual outlook.

What is a Naming / Welcoming Ceremony?

A Naming / Welcoming ceremony is a ceremony that celebrates the arrival of child into a family or community. You may, a part of this ceremony, wish to appoint Guardians for the child.

I’m not a Pagan, or a member of the Pagan Life Rites group, but I still would like a ceremony with a spiritual content. Can I still ask a Clergy member of Pagan Life Rites to officiate at my ceremony?

Absolutely. We consider it a privilege to be asked to participate in your ceremony. We would expect, however, that you share our love and respect for the Land, and a belief that the Earth is sacred.

Are you open to performing ceremonies for same-sex couples / families?

Yes, we are. Some of the Pagan Life Rites clergy identify as LGBT, and all of us are supportive of same-sex relationships and advocates for equality.

Are Pagan Life Rites Handfasting / marriage ceremonies legally recognised by the Irish State?

Yes. The majority of our clergy are registered solemnisers with the General Register Office in the Republic of Ireland.

Do Clergy members of Pagan Life Rites perform other celebrations?

Yes. We will perform coming of age ceremonies, house blessings, separation rituals, funerary rites, and other ceremonies. Ceremonies are not standard, and are developed in partnership with you and your needs.

Do Clergy members of Pagan Life Rites perform any public ceremonies to mark the Wheel of the Year?

Yes, we do. We hold public ceremonies four times a year to mark Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lughnasadh. These are held in various parts of the country. They are open to all members. All we ask is a small donation for room hire, where applicable. We are also working towards conducting ceremonies to mark the Solstices and Equinoxes.

For further information on the functions of Pagan Life Rites please see our Constitution on the Principles page.