Membership - Pagan Life Rites


General Membership

Becoming a member of Pagan Life Rites is free of charge and could not be easier. Simply complete the membership application form here.

Following submission of your application you will be issued with a confirmation email confirming your membership and your details will be added to the mailing list for Pagan Life Rites.  We promise we will not spam you, but will simply be sending you an occasional newsletter detailing events occuring in the country, and news of our own endeavours on your behalf. You may also receive an occasional communication about campaigns we may be running with regard to Government policy that would have a direct effect on you as a Pagan.

Clergy/Full Associate Membership

If you are interested in doing more and have been an active General Member of Pagan Life Rites (attending Moots, open rituals, etc.) for two years  or more,  we offer other levels of membership. Please note that these are fee paying, with differing levels of fees depending on whether you charge for services you provide to the community.

With this in mind in 2020, the voting members changed the structure of our Clergy Membership to incorporate those who did not wish to charge for the services they provide, such as Moots and hosting public rituals. Therefore, a third level of Membership was created called Full Associate Membership. The compulsory probationary year has been re-titled Associate Membership. 

These levels of membership are restricted to people who are resident in either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. 

Below is a breakdown of how this works. 

  • Clergy Membership – paying annual dues and annual group insurance contribution, holding voting rights*.
  • Full Associate Membership – paying annual dues, but not undertaking clergy duties or accepting moneys for services as clergy, and therefore exempt from insurance dues, holding voting rights*. 
  • Associate Membership –  which is offered as a probationary status of one full year  before being offered either Clergy Membership or Full Associate Membership – paying annual dues, and should they be offering clergy services, paying insurance dues. These members do not hold voting rights.

Invitations to apply for Associate/Clergy membership will be open from the Spring Equinox each year until the middle of June. Should you be interested in Associate/Clergy membership we invite you to submit your expression of interest by email to, on receipt of which your application documents will be forwarded to you.

Please be aware that this is not an application process to become a Legal Solemniser of Marriage. Candidates must serve in the role of Associate/Clergy Member for a minimum probationary year before being considered for nomination as a Legal Solemniser of Marriage.

All applications for Associate/Clergy membership must be approved by the voting membership. Associate/Clergy membership is subject to a minimum mandatory fee of €25 per year, if the applicant does not charge for services to the general Pagan community, or €150, which includes public indemnity insurance for those members who charge for their services,  with the first payment due following the voting members’ acceptance of an application.

*All members with voting rights are entitled to a place on the Board of Pagan Life Rites (Ireland), which is changed bi-annually.