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Pagan Events in Ireland – January, February 2019

Just a quick round up this month of some Irish Pagan events that are happening either in Ireland, or online with an interest to/the involvement of Irish Pagans.

NOTICE: Dublin Pub Moot
Barbara says… “We’re still up in the air for a Dublin Pub Moot location, and there is no moot in January… we will be up and running again in Feb in a brand new location, yet to be announced.”

6th January (ONGOING, Register Any Time): Learn the Lore – 21 Day Challenge. This free 21 day challenge run by the Irish Pagan School will help you to get an easy start with proper Irish source lore and community discussion. Join at –

10th January: Monthly Pagan Moot in Cork City – an informal event, providing the opportunity to socialise with other people who are interested in Earth based spirituality, Irish folklore, magic and the occult. We are open to people of all gender, sexual orientation and background. If you are 16 or younger, please bring an adult to accompany you. Hosted by the Well of Wisdom Temple (€2 suggested donation), more info at –

12th January: FLAMEKEEPING/ BRIGIDMAS/ IMBOLG 2019 – Clann Dord Fiann are working each evening from the 12th of January to the 31st with a 20 day devotional work with and to Brigid. As part of the extension of our work to have a public face, we invite others to join this activity if they wish. It is solitary and requires no other involvement (free), more info at –

13th January: The Dagda’s Tools Online Class, with Jon O’Sullivan.
Live Online Class (Sunday 13th Jan) – Learn about the Good God’s tech, and what it means to us. Enroll Now at the Irish Pagan School (€27) –

19th January: Anti-Semintism in Paganism Online Class and Discussion Panel. There are many Jewish people who are also pagans, polytheists, and magical practitioners, and others who come from an ethnically Jewish background. Jewish practices, mysticism, and magic have deeply influenced parts of the pagan and occultic communities. Despite participation in and many contributions to the broader pagan and occult discourse, the Jewish community continues to be oppressed and misunderstood. Join us for a conversation about Jews and Judaism, past and present (suggested donation on a sliding scale, non-profit event) – More info at

19th January: The Dead Zoo Tour – (Dublin) Meet Museum Educator, Geraldine Breen, and discover the science and stories behind the collections on display during this free public highlights tour of the Museum of Natural History. More info at –

20th January: Treasures of the National Museum – (Dublin) Take a tour of the iconic treasures in the National Museum, including the ‘Tara’ Brooch and the Ardagh Chalice. More info at –

26th of January: PLR Imbolc Ritual Cork – hosted by Well of Wisdom Temple. Everyone who is genuinely interested is welcome, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender identifiation or sexual orientation. People under 16 are welcome, provided they are accompanied by an adult and they can stay quiet during the meditation. No previous experience with Paganism is required. (€5 suggested donation), more info at –

26th January: Revisiting Brighid & Imbolc – A Year With The Gods Online Conference. Hosted by Land Sea Sky Travel. This is an all-day online conference, held from the States but featuring many Irish presenters, with five presentations and a Bardic closing. The day starts and ends with devotional prayers and offerings to Deity, and also includes giveaways, a chat room, and interactive breaks where you can get to know others in our community. You will also receive a recording of all five presentations and Bardic time after the conference. More info at –

26th January: Recovery Awareness in Spiritual Community Online Class. In this class we will examine substance use and recovery in magical, spiritual, and pagan spaces. We will begin with an overview of what addiction is, discussing causes, triggers, related trauma, myths and biases, and the relationship between substance use and mental health. We will examine the role of leadership in the community and the responsibility to provide safe spaces and we will also focus on tools for providing support to addicts in community spaces (suggested donation on a sliding scale) – More info at –

27th January: Make a St. Brigid’s Cross – (Mayo) Join the members of the Education team to learn more about the history, customs and traditions around St. Brigid’s Day and make your very own St. Brigid’s Cross. More info at –

27th January: 10 Steps to Irish Paganism Online Class, with Lora O’Brien. Live Online Class on Sunday 27th January – a simple, step by step class; covering the main topics you need to get started. Enroll Now
at the Irish Pagan School (€17) –

30th January: Waterford Pagan Pub Moot – Last Wednesday of every month, a social gathering for those interested in earth-based spirituality, or who identify as Pagan. Discussion and networking in safe space, and a bit o’ craic. No cost to join us, but throwing a few quid in the community fund is welcome. More info at –

6th February: The Wexford Moot continues in 2019 on the first Wednesday of every month in Murphy’s Barn Wexford (free)… See Pagan Moot Wexford FB page for information on Moots and events –

21st February: Cork Moot – An Spailpín Fánach, Cork City. NB One week later than usual to avoid Valentine’s Day :

Click Here for more on Ireland’s PLR Moots happening around the country each month.

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