Irish Pagan Moots

Pagan Moots in Ireland

Pagan Moots are regular (usually on the same day each month) social and educational meet-ups, and they are for anyone who is already thinking of themselves as ‘Pagan’ – or some variation ther-of! – or for people who are completely new to this and just want to pop in and see who’s involved locally, and what it’s all about.



If you’re interested in attending a Pagan Life Rites moot, they’re held at various locations around the country:

(Pagan Moot listings are correct at the time of publication.)


Besides the latest Pagan Moot info, you’ll find details of other events and seasonal rituals happening in Ireland through our Pagan Life Rites Facebook Page.

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Irish Pagan Beliefs - Lora O'Brien - Irish Author & Guide says September 25, 2018

[…] Want to get in touch? – You can find a list of Pagan Moots in Ireland here. […]

Aine manning says December 17, 2018

I would love to meet pagan people in the Sligo area or a moot close by. Kind regards

    admin says February 28, 2019

    We don’t currently have a moot in Sligo Aine, but we’re always on hand for advice and support if folk are willing to do the work of starting and running one!

Pagan Events in Ireland - January, February 2019 - Pagan Life Rites says January 8, 2019

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Anne says February 19, 2019

It would be nice to find more meetups or festival happenings in the Dublin region.
It’s a shame that Faile Draiochta is no longer active either, it would be nice to have something like that again

    admin says February 28, 2019

    Agreed Anne! It will take more folk willing to do the work of starting such things, and the EVEN MORE work of keeping them going 😉 PLR is always on hand for advice and support if folk want to start events!

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